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Spelunker Party-SKIDROW

SKIDROW has released the new PC game “Spelunker Party”. Enjoy! ;)

Description: One night, a great rumbling sound awoke Spelunkette with a fright. A comet had hit the earth and strange things had been happening ever since. The Faerie Chief said that they were caused from something deep underground. What lies in its depths? Spelunkette hurried off to Base Camp, excited for an adventure!

Explore and solve mysteries in the depths of the caves! A variety of traps, creatures and even wicked ghosts will stand in your way! Jump over dangerous pitfalls! Use bombs to blow up boulders that block the way! Use flares to scare away the bats! Blow away spooky ghosts with your portable fan! There are many ways to use your items.

You can obtain new costumes and items by collecting the Litho-orbs hidden in the caves! These items will improve your abilities and change your look as well!


  • Online and Offline Co-op multiplayer! Work together with your friends and maybe you will find a new path. Iconized chat will help you with easy and casual communications with your buddies, so don’t worry about language!
  • Complete new items by collecting Litho-orbs! Each item has a special ability to help you on your adventure! They can also change your look, so equip them as you like and show off to your friends!
  • Adorable pets are your reliable partners in this adventure! Each pet has a special ability, like finding a hidden item or rescuing your friends, so take them with you and your exploration will be more advantageous and fun!

Genre: Action, Adventure
Developer: Tozai Games, Inc. , O-TWO inc.
Publisher: Square Enix

Release Name: Spelunker.Party-SKIDROW
Size: 3.1 GB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi

Yono and the Celestial Elephants-TiNYiSO

TiNYiSO has released the new PC game “Yono and the Celestial Elephants”. Enjoy! :)

Description: Elephants are a mighty protectors of the world, born from the stars once per millennium. This is the age of Elephant Yono. But Yono is still so very young and in a kingdom inhabited by feudal Humans, undead Bonewights and robotic Mekani, it’s not easy to keep one’s trunk out of trouble.

Yono and the Celestial Elephant is a grand adventure, featuring carefully designed puzzles, treasure hunts, a sprinkling combat and a world full of people. Play as a young elephant tasked to save a world he’s never seen before, and explore the rich history of a kingdom where humans, zombies and robots live side by side.


  • Use your elephant trunk to solve puzzles and find secrets. Load it up with air, water and other things for different effects.
  • Visit 4 towns full of people, shops and side-quests.
  • Solve 3 deep dungeons of puzzles, monsters and finally a scary boss.
  • Explore forests and caves to find treasures and upgrades.
  • Discuss ascetic virtue ethics with the undead, existentialism and freedom of will with the robots, and political philosophy and the roots of power and authority with the humans.
  • Piece together ancient texts to uncover the history of the world, the development of humankind and the influence of past Elephants.
  • Play the game in the original English, or try it out in Swedish, French, German or Spanish.

Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer:  Neckbolt
Publisher:  Plug In Digital

Release Name: Yono.and.the.Celestial.Elephants-TiNYiSO
Size: 443.5 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


Samurai Riot Update v1.1-BAT

BAT has released the newest build of “Samurai Riot”. Enjoy! :)

Read changelog.txt for information on updated content!

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Developer: Wako Factory
Publisher: Wako Factory

Release Name: Samurai.Riot.Update.v1.1-BAT
Size: 81.7 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi



SKIDROW has released the new PC game “Real Farm”. Enjoy! :)

Description: Pull on your boots, fire up your tractor, and cultivate success in Real Farm, the most immersive agricultural simulator around. Go from farm hand to agricultural A-list in Career mode, or cultivate the role of an established farmer in Free Mode. Explore a stunning open world, bringing to life the American countryside in native 4K, 60FPS splendour.


  • Dive into a huge, open world presented in sumptuous native 4k
  • Grow from farm hand to agricultural A-list in Career Mode
  • Cultivate the role of an established farmer in Free Mode
  • Sow crops, keep livestock or both, buying and selling in a real time economy
  • Plough straight in with pick-up-and-play controls and a comprehensive tutorial
  • Drive and maintain a massive array of farm vehicles and machinery

Genre: Simulation
Developer: Triangle Studios
Publisher: SOEDESCO Publishing

Release Name: Real.Farm-SKIDROW
Size: 759.5 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi



DARKSiDERS has released the PC game “Spartan”. Enjoy! :)

Description: King Leo kicks platforming back to the arcades! Spartan is an old-school platformer for hardcore gamers, powered by UE4.

STORY: Sparta, 500 BC. The city-state’s weapons, armor and gold have mysteriously vanished. Magical portals begin to appear throughout ancient Greece. As a king and the world’s most fearsome warrior, Leonidas sets out to discover who is behind the threat, and recover everything that was stolen. You, are King Leo. And your aim is to make whoever is responsible and whatever stands in your way, rue the day they crossed your path.

Block, stomp, run, jump, fall, climb, cling, push, spring & slice your way to victory.
Outsmart intelligent enemies, tread carefully through obstacles and use your wits to defeat bosses in epic battles.

THIS.. IS.. Spartan!


  • Non-linear Levels

No matter which path you choose, you can always return to any point. Feeling greedy and want to go back and collect all of the coins? No problem! There is no area you cannot return to. But remember to plot your routes and keep track of where you’ve been, because without retrieving all of the artifacts or chests you won’t be able to activate the magical escape portal. Not happy with your score? You can replay any level, any time, once it’s been unlocked.

  • Immerse yourself

Memorable atmospheric soundtrack with ethnic overtones.
Crisp and detailed handcrafted art.
Hyper-smooth 2D physics based mesh animations.
Fun, intelligent and reactive enemies.
A huge variety of traps and obstacles.

  • Pixel-perfect controls

When the margin for error is small, responsive controls are a sheer delight. You command, and King Leo executes with lightning speed. You say “Jump!”, and he says “How high?”. If your reflexes are fast enough, his reflexes will be fast enough. Every step counts and every move is in your hands.
Clocking in at a stable 60fps even with most Medium Spec hardware, “Spartan” leaves gamers no excuse to not succeed.

  • 20+ Hours of Gameplay

More, if you want to unlock the entire gallery and learn some ancient Greek words!
With 4 distinct worlds and 24 challenging levels, you’ll find yourself proclaiming: “Tough, but fair!”.
Failing is a thing of the past when there is virtually no loading time between losses. Couple that with plenty of checkpoints, and you’re ensured a smooth gaming experience. If, for whatever reason, you find the game too difficult, you can double your health. This is aptly called “Wimp Mode“!


Are you up to the challenge?

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: Sinister Cyclops Game Studio
Publisher: Sinister Cyclops Game Studio

Release Name: Spartan-DARKSiDERS
Size: 918.6 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


Project Nimbus Update v20171015-CODEX

CODEX has released the newest build of “Project Nimbus”. Enjoy! ;)

Read patchnotes.txt for information on updated content!

Genre: Action, Indie
Developer: GameCrafterTeam
Publisher: KISS ltd, GameTomo

Release Name: Project.Nimbus.Update.v20171015-CODEX
Size: 613.5 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


Ancient Frontier Update v1.0.7-BAT

BAT has released the newest build of “Ancient Frontier”. Enjoy! ;)

Read changelog.txt for information on updated content!

Genre: Strategy
Developer: Fair Weather Studios, LLC
Publisher: Fair Weather Studios, LLC

Release Name: Ancient.Frontier.Update.v1.0.7-BAT
Size: 103.6 MB
Links: STEAM | NFO | NTi


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